Hustlers, content creation is profitable

Business Idea: Content Creation

If you’re on the look out for a side business and you’re creative (e.g. videos, blog posts, audio, etc.), then this might be for you. Helping small business owners increase their sales by creating content that brings traffic to their online site is a big deal. Simply put, content creation impacts search engine optimization (SEO), which improves website discovery for potential customers when they search on Google or Bing. In addition, good content can be a determining factor in closing sales. If you provide high quality infomercials for example, a consumer may better understand a product than if it were explained in thousands of words.

How do I make money?

You can charge customers various prices depending on their needs and your resources. Some customers may need a 30-second commercial that can take you 2-4 hours to put together. To get started, set up standardized pricing by hour or project. For example, if you value your time at $25/hr, then don’t be afraid to charge that much. Something important to keep in mind is that it might be more difficult to charge customers more later on. For this reason, entertain the idea that you might hire people down the road and as a result, will need to charge a little more for what would later be your profit.

Also, don’t be afraid of getting the sale and then outsourcing the work. Upfront and Fiverr can allow you do pass on the assignments to others that can do it at an affordable rate while you focus on sales. Nonetheless, you will need to be quality control before you hand over the work to your customers.

As you capture clients, you’ll notice that projects won’t be one-time deals. Instead, projects will generate long-term relationships that will build steady income if your work is top notch. Think about your clients return on investment, or ROI, as you work. Here are a few SEO questions to think about and which you should read on if you are creating content:

  • What keywords will help consumers find my clients site on Google and Bing?
  • What’s the best title that I can give this video so that it shows up on the first page of YouTube search?
  • Does my clients website have a sitemap, and has it been submitted to Google and Bing?
  • What alt tags can I use to help index this image?

What’s competition like?

Plenty of competition exists in content creation. However, that’s why you should focus on your strengths. While Fiverr may be a good tool to get cost effective blog posts written, they may not always be suitable for highly technical discussions (unless you can find a writer in that industry). In the case of outsourcing content, you’ll want to keep quality in mind.

Furthermore,  you’ll need a creative approach to contacting leads. Obviously, sales will be a huge determinant of success. In order to stand out from the competition, you need to be creative. Simply sending emails asking if they’re interested isn’t very effective anymore. Chances are that such a move will land your emails in junk folders. Instead, try a more personal approach:

  • Pick up the phone and cold call (ask questions to get them to talk about themselves)
  • Add detailed comments to company social media posts (let them know you’re not a bot)
  • Send a sample of your work through the mail (include a handwritten letter to get their attention)

Need a few talking points? Do a little bit of research to see if a lead is posting articles frequently and where the posts are showing up in the search results. If their pages are not on the first or second pages for several keywords, then there’s work to be done which you can help with.

Estimated startup expense?

Less than $100 can get you started. Your biggest expenses might be a website and some postage. Other than that, you can reach out to potential clients easily by doing the research yourself.

What do you think about content creation as a business idea? Is it something you’d enjoy doing? Would your focus be on blogs, social media, video platforms, or other channels? Let me know. Tweet me.

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