Uru will help video creators make money

Over the years, many content creators have earned the status of “internet celebrity” or “influencer” for amassing millions of followers. However influential they have become over time, they still aren’t being heard as much as they’d like to be heard (LA Times article). Like Vine, there is talk that Snapchat isn’t listening to its content creators requests for new ways to make money on the platform. Other platforms are experimenting with other services to increase their top line. However, it’s possible that the ads we know today will change with Uru.

Smart Video Ads

I stumbled upon Uru while scrolling through my Twitter feed a few months ago. I didn’t think much of it at the time. However, as the Snap Inc. initial public offering (IPO) made headlines, I felt that this startup deserved some attention.

Essentially, Uru provides technology that recognizes the content in a video and in response, can overlay a relevant brand logo on an object it identifies. Due to this, Uru provides content creators with a new way to make money from ads without the usual interruption that lasts 5 – 30 seconds. As a result, ads don’t irritate viewers and therefore, engagement is preserved, if not improved. For advertisers, Uru makes ads a part of the video experience, one that can’t be skipped. Here’s a video by Uru:

How Would It Help Creators?

Many internet celebrities are interested in new ways to make money. Obviously, this may not help social media platforms as they cannibalize their potential ad sales.

Think about it. If a car company wants to advertise on Instagram Stories, they can either do so with direct ads, or they can pay an influencer to talk about them. Instagram stands to lose out on ad sales if the car company chooses to go with the influencer. However, if Instagram incorporates Uru technology and allows these creators to opt-in, all parties win, even viewers.

Ultimately, all social platforms are making steps to increase their revenues and in doing so, may not have everyone’s best interest in mind. YouTube is investing heavily in YouTube Red, Facebook in Facebook Live. Creators constantly have to accept change to remain competitive and profitable. I really think this startup will make a big impact down the road.

I hope that you’ll keep an eye on this startup as I will. What social media platform do you think will be the first to adopt this technology? Tweet me.