Tinder Help: A business to increase matches

Business Idea

According to a 2015 Pew Research Center study, about 15% of adults in the United States have participated in online dating through sites or apps. This represents continuous growth among adults over the last couple of years. As online dating users know, companies are increasingly trying to encourage in-app/online purchases of premium features. Tinder, a Match Group subsidiary, makes money off of monthly subscriptions and one time fees for single use items.

As a user, you’re able to pay $4 to use a “Boost” for 30 minutes in hopes of getting more exposure on the app, and therefore potentially greater right swipes. Even though these tools are very effective, there is broad consensus that a high quality profile can do the same. As an entrepreneur, and Tinder (or equivalent) power user, you can be the resource that online dating users need to improve their profiles. By providing Tinder help, you’re connecting people.

How do I make money?

On one side, you’re essentially steering some users away from in-app purchases. For others, you’re providing supplementary Tinder help. In both cases, users will pay you for high quality content including:

  • Profile photos that show their personalities
  • Interesting bios that’ll leave swipers asking for more
  • Advice on how to engage when they get a match

It’s by no means a simple job. You’ll have to A/B test images and text to ensure you put the best content out there for your clients. While someone may have been okay paying $4 for a boost, they may doubt whether your fees of $200+ are worth it. But they might be.

Think about it. Users on online dating apps are already spending more than $120 a year on memberships, on one platform. By providing them with the right content, they’ll be able to re-use the photos, bios, etc. on several different platforms thereby, making better use of their purchase.

What’s competition like?

I did a brief search for “Tinder profile services” and found a couple of online sites that’ll compete with you. Tinderus.com was one of them. Their prices start at $50 and go up to $375 (monthly subscriptions were available). However, I noticed they don’t help you get your own pictures taken.

Another company was tinderheadshots.com, though, as their name implies, they only do headshots. Yet, they charge a pretty penny, at $150 for 10 images. Providing profile images along with other features in one package can help build a strong sense of value. This can be your competitive advantage.

Estimated monthly bootstrap expenses?

Depending on what you plan to provide, you can get started for less than $100. For example, if you plan to use a camera you already own, or a smartphone, you’ll save money on equipment. If you know how to put together a WordPress website, you can get one up and running for as little as $12 (if you find a coupon code) the first year using GoDaddy.

Thinking about advertising your services online? Spend $1 a day on Facebook ads to get the attention of online dating users. Free ways to get traffic include participating in forums, sharing social media posts, and asking friends.

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