How-to provide quality Fiverr blog post requests

If you are considering purchasing a blog article from a writer on Fiverr, there are some considerations that you will need to make before going ahead with the purchase. While Fiverr offers a simple service that serves buyers from around the world, it is very important that you take everything into account first before making the decision to buy. In this article we look at how to provide quality Fiverr blog post requests.

How to Find the Right Writer

The first step in your search to find the right Fiverr seller who can fulfill your blog post request is to know what you want. If you have a need for blog articles or posts for your website, you will need to know the topic, length, and type of audience that your site has for maximum effect. If you do not know what you want, then no writer can fulfill your request so do a little research first.

Read the Requirements:

Every Fiverr seller has a description of what they do listed for each gig. That description will usually include what they offer, the requirement from the buyer, and the restrictions of their service. For example, some writers will find the keywords for you while others require you to supply them. Before making a purchase, be sure you that you read their gig description thoroughly and do not make assumptions. Some of the best writers on Fiverr will have strict requirements and limitations on their service.

Ask Questions:

If you have questions about the service that the seller offers, use the Fiverr message system and ask. List your questions so that the seller can answer them one at a time. You’ll want to be clear about what type of service you will get, so feel free to ask questions even if they seem rather basic about the services being provided.

Use Clear Communication:

What sellers value in a buyer is that they can clearly communicate what they want in an unambiguous way. This means that if you have specific expectations about the article or post that is being written, they need to be communicated with your order so it can be included. No matter how good the writer is they are not mind readers, so you must effectively communicate what you want the article to contain if you have something specific in mind.

Standard Blog Post Orders

Keep in mind that all writers will have different requirements, so you will need to tailor your article request to fit what the writer can deliver. For example, you may be required to submit the topic, keywords, number of times the keywords should be included, and any specific information that also want in the article such as your business, website link, and so forth.

If you find that the article is not to your liking, requesting a change will depend on what is in the article that needs to be different. Poor spelling, bad grammar, or not including information that you originally requested be put in are good grounds for rejecting the article. However, if you cannot articulate specifically what it is that needs to be changed, then the writer cannot change it. Therefore, you want to limit your first order to a single post or gig so that if the writer does not deliver what you want it only costs you $5.

My experience with Fiverr blog post requests

Did you know that MOST of the content above was written by a Fiverr seller? I think it’s pretty good, especially when compared to the first blog post I ever requested. My first request included another seller and a different topic (Social Media Consultant article). Both cost me $5, plus the $1 processing fee. However, since this post was so much better, I added a tip. Before you give it a try, keep in mind that using Fiverr is a learning process. Some Fiverr blog post requests you share will not be understood correctly at first. Eventually you’ll find that person that understands the message you want to convey.

Adopting best practices for submitting Fiverr blog post requests can help improve content quality.

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