How do I build a personal brand? Get a website!

If you’ve decided to start a new business such as a website design company targeting small businesses, you need a website to display your services to potential clients. Better yet, you need to create websites that are low maintenance once they’re published. The website you put together needs to be built in a way so that you can easily make edits if necessary, without the need to know any code. For this reason, you need to think about website builders with drag and drop features.

Website builders allow you to easily and quickly create websites using existing themes and easy-to-useeditors such as drag and drop tools. They are also updated frequently by your hosting provider meaning that your website will get the important changes needed to rank in search engines and reduce the likelihood of a third party gaining unauthorized access. Wix, Squarespace, and GoDaddy are all very well-known companies that provide website builders at competitive rates.

Plans compared

As an entrepreneur, keeping costs to a minimum is very important. An upfront investment may not be the best tool out there if after a few months, the company name changes or the hosting provider is not delivering what you expected it to deliver. For this reason, I considered affordable month-to-month plans (even as annual prepaid plans save you money). They are:

  • Wix: Combo Plan
  • Squarespace: Personal Plan
  • GoDaddy: Personal Plan

Important – These plans are good for small sites (e.g. personal branding sites) but not for e-commerce or blogs.

What features are we looking at?

  • Trials: It’s best to be able to try something before actually having to pay for it.
  • Pages: The number of pages you can have on your site determines the amount of content you can post. Depending on your business, you may want more or less pages to work with.
  • SSL certificates: Though not required (unless you accept online payments), an SSL certificate let’s your visitors know that the information they share with you through your website is secure (GoDaddy page with additional information).
  • Domains: This is the website address that people will enter in their browser to visit your site. Most of the time, you can purchase a domain separately for $10 – $20. If it’s included, even better.
  • Mobile friendliness: The online search engine leader, Google, prefers mobile-friendly websites when determining search rank (TechCrunch article on Google’s mobile friendly sites).
  • Bandwidth: The more bandwidth available, the more visitors will be able to explore your website.
  • Storage: The greater the storage, the greater the amount of content (e.g. images) that you’re able to upload to the website server.
  • Ease of changing themes: If you want to change a theme, sometimes you’ll lose all your content.

Comparison Table

14 day trial
Unlimited pages
SSL not available
Domain not included
2GB bandwidth
3GB storage
Change theme, lose content
14 day trial
Up to 20 pages
SSL included
Domain not included
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited Storage
Change theme, save content
1 month trial
Unlimited pages
SSL not included
Free domain included
Change theme, lose content


Keep in mind that each of these platforms provides free trials. Take advantage of them and choose the one you like most.

Furthermore, if you’d like to look at another option (mainly for blogs but online stores as well), read up on WordPress, a content management system ( vs WPMU DEV article). It has more flexibility than the aforementioned drag and drop interface providers. However, you will need to know some code to fix things from time to time.

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