Make money creating websites for entrepreneurs

Is it marketable?

There’s plenty of potential customers out there. According to the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, about 500,000 adults start businesses each month in the U.S. This means that there are a lot of companies that need to develop their own brand guidelines, a logo, and most importantly, a website. If you’re strictly a creative person without any coding experience – no problem. There are plenty of website builders (listed below) that will help you create websites with simple drag and drop features. Your website design skills may provide tremendous value to new companies including: 1) keeping website visitors on the site longer and 2) generating greater conversions.

How do I make money?

Essentially, you’ll be creating a marketing agency that focuses on websites. As such, you’ll be charging for website design and other necessary services such as brand images, logos, and more. At first, you’ll be making about $300 for a simple website, for say, a restaurant. However, as you gain exposure and build a strong portfolio, you’ll be able to make up to $1,000 per website. Learn to code, manage plugins, and/or implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and you can make more than $1,000 per website over time.

What’s competition like?

There’s a lot of competition for website services. To get your first customers, let your friends and colleagues know what you’re offering. They might either need your services, or they might know others who do.

Estimated monthly bootstrap expenses?

Less than $100 – You’ll need your own website to display your creative work and to give a good first impression to your potential customers. This may cost you $10 – 20 per month. Some hosting companies will give you big discounts if you pay annually though you’ll probably put more money down at once. If you charge your customers a percentage upfront, then you don’t need to put the money down for their website hosting, paid images, etc.

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