Tegok cable clips for the everyday smartphone user

 If you’re like me, you hate dealing with too many cables. Reason? Smartphone, laptop, and headphone cables take up room in your backpack. In my experience, shoving them into my backpack has either resulted in lost or damaged cables. Tegok cable clips by Mossan, help you organize them in your backpack. I reviewed a pack of four small clips before the company begins selling them online. Watch my YouTube video here:


  • The clips look fun with their octagonal shape and red and gray colors
  • Quality seems pretty good as the ends of the clips are flexible
  • As seen on package: “Designed, developed, manufactured, and packaged in the USA”
  • Prevents multiple cables from getting tangled in a backpack


  • Clips might get lost due to their small size (keep attached to cable to avoid this)


I like the Tegok cable clips as they’re small and look great (not like your ordinary office supply clips). Even though they’re meant for iPhone, iPod, and iPad power cables, they held my headphones together well. Additionally, as I mentioned, I’m sure that medium and large sized cable clips will be appropriate for other cable sizes such as those for laptops. Can’t wait to see what else Mossan will be developing.

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