Make your coffee on the go – MiniPresso GR Review

I love coffee. A warm cup is all I need to get me excited for the beginning of the day. As I went on looking for products to review, I came across the Minipresso GR Espresso, a portable coffee maker that I just had to try out. Check out MiniPresso GR review video here:


  • Great design gives the impression of a high quality and professional product
  • Delivers on the coffee experience (also, you can use any ground coffee)
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty
  • Easy to use, and no filter or electricity needed


  • You still need hot water since the device doesn’t heat it up for you
  • You’ll need to carry around ground coffee as this product doesn’t store any
  • Takes about 3-5 minutes to make a cup… a traditional coffee maker can make more at once


You can make coffee in places you never thought you’d be making coffee with this device. It’s great. Not the most convenient because you still have to go out of your way to get hot water ready. However, if your office doesn’t already provide you with coffee, you might as well make your own at your desk with the Minipresso GR.

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