Snapchat needs to play smart to survive

Snapchat will have trouble staying relevant in the lives of users. We know that. The biggest reasons are: Instagram is an A+ copycat and Snapchat isn’t listening to its most popular stars. But Snapchat can still survive.

Instagram isn’t messing around

What’s worse than learning that new social media platforms are entering the industry you’re in? Learning that your biggest competitors are easily copying the same features that make your platform valuable. In the past few months, Instagram has added the following:

  • Video stories
  • Disappearing pictures and videos

The same way that Twitters’ Periscope destroyed Meerkat in live streaming, Instagram will have the tools to convince you that they’re the one-stop app for your video needs. All that Instagram needs to do now is add filters and incorporate facial detection tools for lenses before we decide to delete Snapchat from our smartphones completely.

Snapchat’s stars need attention too

Before Vine closed down, several popular Vine stars tried to tell the company that it needed a massive video content effort to revive the brand and bring users to the app. However, Vine didn’t agree on a deal with the Vine stars and as a result, these popular stars left the platform and took their fans with them.

If Snapchat is to stay competitive, it needs to focus on making its creators happy. An article by LA Times does a great job to describe the frustration that some stars are feeling. As it turns out, they want their voices heard as the company doesn’t do what it can to listen. Some Snapchat stars for example, cannot use simple productivity apps to schedule posts because it is in violation of the terms. Feedback on ways that users can monetize their personal brands is also often ignored.

Twitter and Snapchat should work together

Twitter is having a tough time growing the number of users on its app. Sooner or later, Snapchat will have the same issue as it will find itself having a difficult time fending off Instagram. It makes sense that both platforms work together. Twitter is all about real-time updates. The Snapchat Spectacles (which I am not too optimistic about… read about GoPro’s forecast) are all about sharing videos as they happen. One of the biggest challenges that Snapchat users face is being easily discoverable online. If Snapchat users are able to post what they see at a concert, rally, etc. directly to Twitter, they stand to market themselves much more effectively.

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