A microwaveable notebook – Rocketbook Wave Review

 To kick off my series of startup product reviews on YouTube, I thought I’d start with something unusual. The Rocketbook Wave, a notebook unlike any other, allows you to erase it completely by putting it in the microwave. View my Rocketbook Wave review video below and/or check out the pros and cons I put together.


  • The process to microwave the notebook draws attention but could be a good networking icebreaker.
  • Rocketbook app to scan pages delivers good quality images directly into your cloud destination.
  • This notebook has a great appearance. The binding and color seem professional.
  • Cloud feature provides a great way to share handwritten notes with more than one person.

Note: I mentioned Study Soup in the video. The company allows students to sell their class notes to other students. Rocketbook Wave could probably help notetakers provide high-quality scans of their handwritten notes.


  • You need to use a Pilot Frixion pen otherwise, the ink won’t disappear under heat.
  • Ink faded away a bit but was still noticeable on the notebook.
  • According to the company page, you can expect up to 5 reuses. The notebook has 80 pages.
  • You have to be careful not to leave your notebook in your car on a very hot or cold day.


The Rocketbook Wave is a great product for those that need to upload notes to the cloud (perhaps to share with others). It’s truly a cool product that deserves bonus points for innovation. However, I don’t see myself using it. I don’t ever upload handwritten notes to the cloud. If I need my notes, I usually have my notebook with me. Additionally, if I don’t have any Pilot Frixion pens on hand then I can’t really use the notebook (who doesn’t have a bunch of random pens in their book bags?). Nonetheless, I’m excited to see what the company will develop in the future.

Let me know what you think.