RawShorts review for creating explainer videos

 Ever wanted to create an explainer video with nice transitions, text, images, and templates to describe what it is your company product/service really does? I did. And I used RawShorts’ software to do so. Here’s my RawShorts review (RawShorts is a Miami tech startup).

I first came across RawShorts at a Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge boot camp. RawShorts founder Antonio Otalvaro (a previous challenge winner) spoke about how his product is completely free and allows business owners and individuals to make explainer videos on their own — quickly. I was hooked, really – a free tool to make explainer videos.

I created my first automotive service related video over the summer for free and was pleased with the tools and features available for free. Additionally, it was extremely easy to use. In fact, I took about an hour to make a 30-second video right after signing up and I’m sure I could do it in half the time now that I am familiar with the tools. For those who like to use drag and drop, this is definitely your go-to tool.

My favorite features available on the free plan

  • You’re able to add your own images – essential for branding your business
  • You are provided with stock images and music – helps keep the video engaging and interesting
  • Directly upload to YouTube – it does it for me thereby saving me time
  • Video templates – helped you brainstorm what to include in a video

Premium features to consider

  • Download your video in high quality – that way you can share it through more platforms
  • Remove Raw Shorts branding – keep viewers attention on your brand
  • Access to more themes, images, and music – enhances creativity

They have several paid plans that you pay for in two different ways: pay per export or subscription based.

To conclude, if you’re a small business that needs to make an explainer video, look no further than RawShorts. Their software will help you create videos that get your message across clearly. Try their free plan and if you need more features, check out what their other plans have to offer.

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